How can i fix my vision without lasik eye surgery contacts or glasses?

Within the past 6 months my vision has gone from 20/20 in boths eyes to 20/70 in the right eye and 20/110 in the left eye. I visited the optometrist and they told me i should get glasses. I was wondering if I can avoid surgery and corrective lenses by eating certain foods or doing certain eye exercises. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The answer is simple, no. You'll have to wear glasses or contacts..sorry! A side note, carrots are good for the eyes, but, wont correct your vision, just good for eye health.

does anyone else not think this may be a little big for only 6 months...? personally I would go to your optometrist and ask for a cyclpelegic refraction, it will paralyze your ciliary muscles and see if maybe you just have pseudomyopia...ive been doing quite a bit of reserach on this topic now and its REALLY interestingbut yeah also follow-up with me if you can to tell me what your perscription is AFTER the cyclpelegic refractionThanks!

Dear Andy I could guide you to recover you vision to a great extent, first pl visit and select contact lens or glasses for you on line, also a good remedy for yourself, so that you are able to se immediately and stop worsening of your eyes and after wards contact me for a full herbal cure for your eyes.arun ranaskype : arunrana2

Unfortunately, no.

About every 4 hours, someone asks the same thing...lolThink about it seriously, if there was a simple way to do that, millions would have done it instead of wearing glasses or contacts .If it could be done with food or excercise, the whole world would know about it, and have done it.Sorry, but no, you can't control the physical changes going on in your eyes.That is a big change in 6 months though. Did you discuss the reasons why the big change happened with your Dr.?

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